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Originally Posted by kommie View Post
I've just started listening to Meshuggah, where's a good place to start, and are there any albums where they never playing anything off live? Should I avoid any CD?
I've always preferred 'Destroy Erase Improve' the most. They usually only play a song or two off that album at each show, but it's usually the closer. It's probably a more straight forward album them. 'Chaosphere' is what the title says, their most chaotic album. 'Nothing' and 'ObZen' are pretty similar, with 'Obzen' just being much, much better. Both follow the more hypnotic side of Meshuggah. 'Catch 33' is okay. And the 'I' EP is actually a really good midway point between older chaotic Meshuggah and the never hypnotic Meshuggah.

If I were to rank their albums I'd go with:
1. Destroy Erase Improve
2. I
3. ObZen
4. Chaosphere
5. Nothing
6. Catch 33

I've only heard the original version of Nothing, and I've never been too much into anything before Destroy Erase Improve.

And to go with the original posters comments, Meshuggah have one of the best stage presence of any band I've ever seen. When I saw them open for Ministry in 2008 there was no intro music, just HEAVY feedback into the first song (Perpetual Black Second), the lights were all behind the band which gave a cool effect and they all headbanged in slow motion to the music. Awesome to watch and hear.
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