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Meshuggah -- Moscow, Russia -- April 3rd, 2011

@ Tochka
Support: Bleed

Rational Gaze
Electric Red
Pravus Stengah
Perpetual Black
Second Sane
Straws Pulled at Random
Future Breed Machine

Soul Burn

The crowd was fucking wild! The pit was so intense that I think it beat Slayer in terms of insanity!

The singer's stage prescence was really fucking powerful, as was the bassist's, but unfortunately the guitarists and drummer (obviously, he's at the back) weren't getting much attention from the audience

Singer told audience countless times that this crowd specifically was the best, or at least one of the best he'd ever played for, and that if he could, he'd take them all along for the remaining dates of the tour.

Also - one final thing. Has anybody noticed that the Z in obZen is just like the Z in Zildjian?
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