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Holy Grail -- London, England -- March 28th, 2011

This was the Holy Grail/Revoker headlining tour but mainly went for Holy Grail.

After getting Holy Grails debut album Crisis in Utopia i have been hooked since. It is one of the best metal debut albums and i recommend it to any metal fan. Heavily influenced by Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, heavy riffs/fast shredding solos absolutely awesome.

So was obviously excited to see the show, altho when i arrived i was disappointed to see that Holy Grail would be playing 2nd from last and Revoker getting to close the night, but they were both on for the same length of time (30 mins).

The venue itself was awesome, really small, no barriers and it wasnt too packed, so managed to get right to the front, the band were playing solos right in your face, the singer screaming in your ears and being able give the odd hi 5 inbetween songs lol. I knew that this will be the only time i will get to see this band in a venue like this.
Also got to meet them after, anyways heres the set:

- Nocturne in D minor (intro)
- Fight to kill
- Chase the wind
- Immortal man
- Call of Valhalla
- Hollow Ground
- Blackest night
- Crisis in Utopia
- My last attack

(Order not 100% accurate)

Check these out if you get the chance and buy the album! They are so awesome!
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