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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Bill Robinson - Decrepit Birth : Approached him after their set a couple years ago and said "Hey great show, Man." He gave an annoyed look and a half-ass handshake and nod. He seemed to be irritated by sound problems at the end of the set. I can understand that, but there's no excuse for taking that shit out on someone who just paid to watch you play.
I've met him a couple times and he was really nice to me and took the time to talk to everybody who came up to the merch booth, but by your story I could see why you would see him as a dick.

I'll add in King Fowley from Deceased. He was really nice when I talked to him on their tour last year. He looked through literally all the CDs he had to try to find me a copy of Supernatural Addiction and also took the time to have an engaging conversation with everybody who came up to him. Also he gave me his email so I could send him some pictures and videos from the show. He might be using some of the footage in the upcoming DVD.
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