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I'll stir up an old thread. Haven't met a ton of guys, but here they are:

Stigma + Pokey Mo - Agnostic Front : Both very cool. Actually took time to shoot the shit and have a legit conversation w/ me.

Ben Orum - All Shall Perish : Didn't chat long, but gave me his email address and seemed pretty cool.

Corpsegrinder - Cannibal Corpse: Like everyone says, he's one of the coolest dudes I've ever met. Actually converses, maintains eye contact, seemed very appreciative, just an overall nice guy.

Scott Vogel - Terror : Was in a rush when I met him, but was nice. Talked to him on MySpace a couple years back, too.

Guitar player from Arsonists Get All The Girls : Can't remember his name, but he was cool and pretty funny. We actually made fun of all the scene kids at the show. He admitted he's irritated that the majority of their fanbase is dumbass teenagers who don't know metal.

Sean Beasley - Dying Fetus : Didn't feel like chatting cause I was in a rush, but after a show I saw him backstage, shook his hand and told him great show. He looked me in the eye and said "Thanks, Man." Seemed genuinally appreciative.

Ray Mazzola - Full Blown Chaos : One of the coolest people I've ever met. Both times I filmed them in Feb I chatted w/ him for about 15 minutes about all kinds of shit metal-related. Had a couple beers w/ him too. He's truly appreciative of their fans, which is great to see.

Brett Hoffman - Malevolent Creation : Very cool guy. Definately tell he has Upstate NY and Florida blood in him. A combo of both, LOL. Made an effort to chat w/ fans and seemed overall a nice guy. I felt bad for those guys, you know they don't make much $, and their bus broke down a few days earlier, so I bought him a beer. He couldn't believe it, thanked me about 5 times.

Scott Roberts - ex-Biohazard + Bloodclot, don't know what he's doing now : Never met him personally, but chatted online w/ him a few times. Real nice guy.

Jack Owen - Deicide : Stumbled backstage after I filmed them in Feb, and told him great show, and I loved his work in Cannibal Corpse (hey, I was hammered). He looked kinda befuddled at first, like he might've been annoyed, but he said "Thanks" and shook my hand.

Bill Robinson - Decrepit Birth : Approached him after their set a couple years ago and said "Hey great show, Man." He gave an annoyed look and a half-ass handshake and nod. He seemed to be irritated by sound problems at the end of the set. I can understand that, but there's no excuse for taking that shit out on someone who just paid to watch you play.

Think that's about it.

I hope you're well. Go to hell.
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