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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
Is your friend a spaceman from the future? How does he have the PS23?
Why yes, yes he is.

Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
I think it's gonna be a good game but I'd rather have another 3d game. The old school MK games are great but Deadly Alliance is my favorite. MK V. DCU is looked at as a huge fuck up but really that game had good gameplay and it was only lame cause of the lack of blood and gore.
See Deadly Alliance is actually my least favorite. I like the 3D a lot, but I'm really liking the return to 2D

Originally Posted by Motograter_Ghost View Post
Im lovin the fact there is more gore and the X-Ray hits are killer! LOVE IT!! CANT WAIT!
The X-Rays are brutal
they're just way too over powered >.<
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