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Rotting Christ -- Anaheim, CA -- March 28th, 2011

I geared up for this show knowing it was going to be an interesting night, but it ended up being a bit more than I expected. I arrived at the venue a little after Lecherous Nocturne had started. I saw them last year and did not like them, but they put on a solid performance. I still don’t really like the vocalist, but the rest of the band is good. I don’t know what they played. After them was Abigail Williams, who I also saw last year. As I’ve said in the past, it’s like they are a completely different band now. This time they played some older material, which was sort of weird to see, since Ken is the only member from that period. I assume they did it to please their fans, since I heard some of them were angry about them not playing old songs on the last tour.
  1. The World Beyond / Acolytes
  2. Hope, the Great Betrayal
  3. Infernal Divide
  4. The Departure

Next was Hate, who I was very excited to see. I was lucky to see them on their first US tour with Hypocrisy last year, but unlucky due to the fact that they had to cut their set to only three songs. I was glad they didn’t have any technical difficulties this time, however I feel like I jinxed that in another way; I will explain that later. For the first song the guitars sounded too low, but they got that fixed and played with blazing speed and precision. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, despite the venue not being close to full. I was happy that they played both the title track and “Luminous Horizon”, as they are my favorite songs off the new album. Overall I was very happy with their set, and I hope to see them again.
  1. Erebos
  2. Hex
  3. Wrists
  4. Omega
  5. Resurrection Machine
  6. Luminous Horizon

Now it was time for Melechesh, a band I’ve heard a lot about, but haven’t listened to very much. Their writing style is not my favorite, but it is unique and they definitely know what they’re doing. They played for quite a while and they were well received by the crowd. They may not have converted me into a fan (EDIT: Yes they have. I'm loving their album Sphynx!), but I have a lot of respect for them now, since they put on a spectacular performance. Their set was the same as the previous dates; I copied it from the stage.
  1. Illumination - The Face of Shamash
  2. Sacred Geometry
  3. Deluge of Delusional Dreams
  4. Ladders to Sumeria
  5. Grand Gathas of Baal Sin
  6. Triangular Tattvic Fire
  7. Ghouls of Nineveh
  8. Rebirth of the Nemesis

Last but not least was the mighty Rotting Christ from Greece. I was pretty excited to be seeing them and I got up to the front of the stage for their set. They opened with the title track of the new album and were much more intense than I expected them to be. The sound was great and they continued on through their set. Then, near the end of “Fire Death and Fear” a string on Sakis’s guitar broke. He continued trying to play for the rest of the song, and then a backup guitar was given to him. He was unhappy with it for some reason and gave it back to the roadie. I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on since they were speaking their native language. Sakis then said “I guess we’re playing with one guitar now” and they started playing “King of a Stellar War”. I actually liked it more this way, because the bass was much more prominent in the mix. After the song Sakis went backstage and Giorgos improvised by playing a solo for the crowd. Sakis then returned to the stage with his original guitar, which now had a new string. He was still unhappy with it for some reason and gave it back to the roadie and went up to the mic and said “Would you guys like it if we played the rest of the show with one guitar? Something special for you!” The crowd cheered and they began to play “The Sign of Evil Existence”. About ten seconds into the song Themis (drummer) began yelling and they stopped playing. He left the stage and the rest of the band followed him. I assume he was pissed about the situation. I could hear them yelling at each other for about a minute, and then they returned to the stage and started playing the next song. For the rest of the set the band seemed to be having fun, with Sakis marching around on stage and interacting a lot more with the crowd then he would have been able to if he was playing guitar. Despite the set being cut short by multiple songs, I still had a great time, and it was a unique experience seeing them play with one guitar.
  1. Aealo
  2. Thou Art Blind
  3. Fire Death and Fear
  4. King of a Stellar War
    -- Giorgos Bokos guitar solo --
  5. The Forest of N'Gai
  6. Χαος Γενετο (The Sign of Prime Creation)
  7. Phobos' Synagogue
  8. dub-saĝ-ta-ke
  9. Noctis Era
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