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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Far out, man. My buddy was with me on my left - a big wide feller with black hair and a Bison BC shirt on. The guy on my right - the one who I was probably talking to when you overheard the conversation...he had some facial piercings, if I remember correctly...I didn't even know him. He was just a random guy who heard me talking to my buddy about Kylesa and then started talking to me about them. I told him he was in for a real treat - and he later agreed that I was right.

So anyway, since you know what I look like now, hit me up at the next show, brother! I can't say I remember exactly what you look like, because like you said the description could fit a lot of people.
Yeah, I remember the guy in the Bison shirt. I think the next one we'll both be at will be Amon Amarth
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