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Fest Ov Hell

First Day

Main Stage
Kiss-Co-Headliner-25 songs
Marilyn Manson-Co-Headliner-20 songs
Venom-15 songs
The Misfits-15 songs
Biohazard-15 songs

Second Stage
Winds of Plague-13 songs
Mayhem-9 songs
Dark Funeral-9 songs
Walls of Jericho-9 songs
Wykked Wytch-5 songs
Vital Remains-5 songs

Second Day

Main Stage
Slayer-Co-Headliner-25 songs
Danzig-Co-Headliner-20 songs
Dimmu Borgir-15 songs
Cradle of Filth-15 songs
Murderdolls-14 song

Second Stage
Job For a Cowboy-13 songs
Suicide Silence-9 songs
Horrorpop-9 songs
Marduk-9 songs
The Creepshow-9 songs
Wednesday 13-6 songs

Third Day

Main Stage
Iron Maiden-Headliner-25 songs
Rob Zombie-20 songs
King Diamond-15 songs
Cannibal Corpse-15 songs
Morbid Angel-15 songs

Second Stage
Deicide-13 songs
Nunslaughter-6 songs
Zombie Ghost Train-6 songs
Satanic Warmaster-6
Satanic Slaughter-5 songs
Mortician-3 songs
Old Mans Child-3 songs
Goatwhore-3 songs
Celtic Frost-3 songs
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