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Originally Posted by Jasonic View Post
Anyone wonder if they may now do the Savatage reunion thing in the US since they were unable to do it in Europe?
I have this weird feeling that that Savatage reunion was never going to happen - that it was all an elaborate scheme by Jon and Paul to get the ticket sales up for the first European tour. It was pretty well known that they had doubts as to the drawing power of TSO in Europe, and knew the Savatage name would draw better. So, what would've been more beneficial than promising a mini-reunion when the tour was announced to boost ticket sales, and then have Jon need to "back out" shortly before the tour started?

About every person on the planet close to the source (including several members) has gone on and on and on about how there's never going to be a Savatage reunion. So even if my theory about the European tour is completely false, I definitely don't think they're going to be jumping to do it in the US.
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