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Norma Jean -- New York, NY -- March 18th, 2011

Doors were at 6, overall great show.

Of Legends, were first and they were pretty good. Really fit well with Norma Jean, they kind of sounded like A Life Once Lost. 7/10

Up next was Impending Doom. This was my 3rd time seeing them and once again they killed it live. 8.5/10
There Will Be Violence
Anything Goes
Nailed. Dead. Risen.
The Great Fear
Children of Wrath
More Than Conquerors

After them was Stick To Your Guns, 3rd time seeing them and again they were really good. 8/10
What Goes Around
Enough Is Enough
We're What Separates The Heart From The Heartless
Some Kind Of Hope
Where The Sun Never Sleeps
This Is More

Norma Jean were amazing. There's no way to describe these guys live. My 4th time seeing them and they are still mind blowingly amazing. Seeing them headline is like going to a concert not a show. They will be back around this summer on the Scream The Prayer tour with The Chariot and I plan on seeing them there and in May with After The Burial and For The Fallen Dreams. 10/10
Leaderless and The Self Enlisted
Dillemachine (Coalition; Hoax)
A Grand Scene For A Color Film
The Anthem of Angry Brides
Falling From The Sky: Day Seven
A Small Spark vs. A Great Forest
Murderotica (An Avalanche In D Minor)
Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste
Vipers, Snakes and Actors
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