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Helmet -- Cleveland, OH -- March 26th, 2011

Venue: Peabody's
Source: Me

Role Model
You Borrowed
He Feels Bad
Turned Out
Give It
In The Meantime
So Long
Just Another Victim
Wilma's Rainbow
In Person

Great show overall. This was my 4th Helmet show and number 5 will be next Friday. Pretty cool they played Meantime backwards. Page mentioned that they change it up every show. Also, it seemed like from all the other posts about this tour that the crowd cleared out after Vitus...not Cleveland. The crowd was pretty much still there. Great response, but they always do well in Cleveland. Crowbar got the biggest response and spawned like 3 fights, also had sound trouble. It was awesome to see them live! Minus the sound issue, the band was tight as hell. Red Fang was awesome, Vitus was cool too. Dave Chandler was a total badass. He started jamming on a solo while walking around the crowd.

Awesome night with awesome bands! Can't wait to do it again Friday.

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