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The Adolescents -- Long Beach, CA -- March 25th, 2011

The show was at Alex's Bar in Long Beach. The lineup was the Adolescents, The Dickies and The Grim. I bought advance tickets to this show because I figured it would sell out fast, and it was at capacity by 830 or so. One of my friends wanted to wait outside for a bit to find The Dickies to sign his vinyl, so we gave him one of the tickets and went in, but the doorman said all the tickets I bought had to come in at the same time, which was retarded, but there was nothing to do about it.

The Grim went on shortly after we went inside and sounded killer. I have listened to the Organce album a few times and didn't think too much of it other than its the regular 80s punk. The live versions of the song sounded a lot better than on the cd. I think I'm going to have to give that cd another shot. They're playing again tonight with Battallion of Saints and Decry, so I might check it out. Looking at the cd, I remembered they played the following:

No Respect
Live to Die

The Dickies went on around 11 and played a great set. I don't know too much of their music, but I did recognize 4 songs. They didn't play Banana Splits That would have been awesome to see. I would also love to hear Killer Clowns one day. The singer of the Dickies always knows how to entertain the crowd. He brought a blowup doll on stage to mess around with, a giant penis puppet and sang a bit of Bad Romance by Lady Gaga using it haha and other funny things. Oh the bassist was the best! He was in a polk a dot onesie with cow ears on top haha. I had a lot of fun going into the mosh pit. My ribs were feeling a lot better, so I figured I would have some fun, but I sprained my index finger this time haha. Here's part of the set:

Fan Mail
My Pop the Cop
Manny Moe and Jack

The Adolescents were up next. They were awesome! Played a full set of all the songs I would want, minus I Hate Children. The pit was fun, but I stayed on the side most of it so I could focus on singing along. By the time they ended, there was so much beer on the floor, the people in the pit were just sliding around everywhere, getting knocked down Heres the setlist:

No Way
Who is Who
Self Destruct
Things Start Moving
Serf City
One Nation
Losing Battle
LA Girl
OC Confidential
Wrecking Crew
Word Attack
Rip it Up
Amoeba w/ Stan Lee
I Got a Right w/ Stan Lee
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