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I was there....

They opened and closed with "Raining Blood", and both times the place went fuckin crazy!

I was towards the front when the bass triplets hit like a physical force...
Halfway through the song, I got thrown up on top of the crowd, and starting kicking and fighting like a lunatic to keep from being thrown over the barricade, which was a surefire way to get thrown right out the backstage door into the parking lot. I got pretty close, and then literally went down head first about three people from the front. I spent the next song and a half upside down thinking I was gonna be on the front page of the newspaper in the morning. "Slayer Fan Killed At Show"

I literally had to tear a few shirts off, and grab some poor guy by his neck to get upright again. I then headed for the relative safety of the pit....

Without a shirt, missing my necklace, a little bloody and bruised, and glad to be alive!!!

Unless you were there, you have no idea of the sheer power of Slayer on the Reign in Blood tour. I've seen them just about every year since 1986, and the shows at the Hollywood Palladium were the best...
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