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I was at that show.

I didn't even know a riot was going on outside until after the show was over.

This was back in the day when Slayer would literally control the entire crowd. There would be three or four pits going, and then at certain moments, or a certain song, they would all merge into one big giant hurricane... I remember seeing a lot of people getting straight mangled when that happened,- teeth busted out, bones and noses broken, shirts ripped off. I remember one goofy fucker had a chain going from his ear to his lip, but that didn't last too long....

I was a lot younger then, and could stay in the pit for the whole set. When I saw Slayer at Mayhem not too long ago, I lasted almost the entire slow part for Angel of Death. (I guess smoking wasn't such a good idea after all.....)

Anyway, back to the riot....
When we got out of the show, there were Ghetto Birds flying everywhere, Cops in riot gear, broken glass everywhere!!! I think every window for the surrounding three blocks was broken! SlayerKristalnacht... There was even a car on fire, and the fire department with sirens wailing and shit trying to get to it. (They got it with fire extinguishers...)
We were like "What the FUCK?? Did the pit spread outside the show????"
Apparently, the dumb fuckers oversold the show by like 500 tickets, and people who had bought tickets were denied access to the Show.

That's probably the last time the Palladium tried to oversell tickets to Slayer...

Luckily, I had parked about 4 blocks away by a Chinese food place, a good block away from the rioters. I was about 17 at the time, and my Dad was waiting up for me when I got home, wanting to know if I had been caught up in the "Slayer Riot"? He still does not approve, especially since I take my 11 year old Daughter to see Slayer whenever we get the chance....

The big venues they play nowadays don't really compare with the shows at the Hollywood Palladium.... I miss them days....
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