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Originally Posted by BrutalDescent View Post
Well, I had a photo on Facebook of a poster I made for this, but obviously that won't work. 8l
Anyway, it looked pretty genuine, if I may say so myself.

16 45 -- DOORS OPEN
18 15 -- SPECIAL GUEST (Red Fang/The Black Dahlia Murder/Eyehategod)
19 15 -- DOWN
20 45 -- DANZIG
22 15 -- MOTORHEAD
00 15 -- END

There'd be a small European leg, visiting London, Paris, Antwerp, Helsinki, Stockholm, and if possible, Moscow Because visiting Europe is so dreadful (sarcasm) there'd only be one special guest, probably either Church of Misery or Kylesa.

Tickets (GA) would be $45, and it'd be an all ages show.

Between the opening of the doors and the special guest, there'd be raffles for other shows at the venue.

Tour could possibly be outside? As in, amphitheatre tour?

Also, this might not exactly be my 'dream' tour, but it's the most realistic dream tour I could get without it being like one of those Metallica/Ozzy Osbourne/Iron Maiden tours people dream about on here.
I enjoy your enthusiasm young man. I also admire the amount of thought you've put into this. But Motorhead is seriously your dream opener, eh? I mean, Lemmy's a legend and all, and I love a whole lot of their songs, but I think the only way I'd go see them again is if it were outdoors (as you suggested) or if they were playing with one of my favourite bands -- like Down -- hmmmm... nice work again.
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