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Damn beat me to it. That's what I get for waiting till the next day. Periphery is dead on, but Scale the Summit played everything on The Collective except but Sacred Earth and Black Earth. I'll get into that in the review. As you guys may or may not know, my reviews have more to do with everything but the actual show.

Oh and Fair To Midland is indeed Metal. just wait till you hear thier new songs, especially Rikki Tikki Tavi. No I'm not bullshitting.

Anyways here my review.

For those interested, about an hour before the show did an hour long podcast together that will be up this weekend. It's basically us discussing our favorite albums of 2011 so far, along with a lot of sidetracks about other bands and our different opinions on them. I'll post the link in the general chat if anyone is interested when it comes out.

When I got in I went straight to the merch table. I picked up a Periphery sweatshirt jacket for 10 Bucks! it's got the blue Periphery logo from what I'm guessing is the last year since they had other sweatshirt jackets for normal concert prices.

The first band up was a local opener called Reaping Asmodeia. They are a local Tech. Death Metal band I've done a few shows with. Really cool guys. The music I wasn't really into that much. For me it had a little too much Deathcore for my liking. But their stage show is funny as hell. Although they weren't the best choice for a opening act. They did a hell of a job.

Next up was Scale The Summit, and damn they have gotten so much better from the Progressive Nation 2009 tour I last saw them at.Originally they were only going to be playing a 25 minute set, then one of the promoters of the tour went on stage to let them know they actually had a 45 minute set. So with that being the case, they played all but 2 songs off The Collective (Black Hills, Balkan) and The Great Plains.

Next up was Periphery. I just gotta say this. I love the band, they write great music and can pull it off damn well live, but their fans suck! One song in and I got my ass handed to me by the asshole 16 year old Hot Topic fans who just discovered that Math metal is cool. Everyone of drinking age was just looking at the 16 year olds and laughing at them for trying to start the mosh shit. Luckily they were able to get out of the way of them. My favorite Periphery song is Letter Experiment and I couldn't even enjoy it. So about half way through Jetpacks Was Yes! I left the pit and stayed out the rest of the night. It turns out none of the bands had setlists on this tour so I figured it wasn't even worth it.

So I went to the back and the sides before eventually going to the bar area to watch the rest of the rest.

Between Periphery and Fair To Midland, I got to hang out with Spencer Sotelo for about 10 minutes.

Here's insider information number one. This summer, Periphery will be doing a headlining tour. Although Spencer couldn't legally tell us who is opening for them, I joked around that the support should be Animals As Leaders and Tesseract. He then gave me a huge smile saying, "If you like our and their styles, you will love this tour." So, I guess we'll find out eventually for sure.

He was also talking about how the 2nd album is going to blow the debut album to shame. In his words there will be much more diversity and insanity. In my humble opinion, the more they more away from using the Djent chords, they better they will be. I mean obviously leave a little bit to keep their style going, but the non-djent parts of their songs are absolutely the best.

My other favorite line from Spencer was the reason why they haven't played Ow My Feels or Racecar yet is that they have yet to ever fully learn the songs. But for the upcoming headlining tours, they will learn both.

So then came on Fair To Midland. Who easily put on one of the best damn stage shows of any live band I will ever see. While I don't know the exact setlist, this is very damn close, if not the same setlist. I only say that because I'm not familiar wit the new songs:

Whiskey and Ritalin
Walls of Jericho
Musical Chairs Play Video
April Fools and Eggmen
Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes
Rikki Tikki Tavi
Dance of the Manatee
Amarillo Sleeps on My Pillow
Golden Parachutes

During this time, I tried going back into the pit, but there was so many people I just wasn't up to it when I could hang out with the bands at the Merch tables. During this time I hung out with Misha for the first time of the night. He was singing along with Walls Of Jericho at the Merch Table, it was fucking hilarious. I got his autograph on a poster of the show. But the talks he was having with the other guys was hilarious. About where to sign autographs on guys to popping pills and crack *obviously joking*

I went over to Scale The Summit's merch table after this and talked to Chris and Jordan. I bought the new album and told them how impressed I was with the new material and how much they've improved since Progressive nation, they were both very gracious. Although they had a lot of people starting to talk to them when I did it wasn't the last I talked to Chris.

After all the hot topic kids discovered Misha was at the Merch table I went back to the bar area to watch the rest of FTM's set. During Dance Of The Manatee, singer, Darroh jumped up to the rafters, scaled the whole audience right side of lights and started singing upside down, then eventually jumping down into the crowd to finish up the set. During the last song, Golden Parachutes Misha went on stage and gave Darroh a piggy back ride, which lead to Darroh stage diving into the crowd for the finale.

After the show was the best conversations I had.

I went to back over to see Misha to get a picture *since I have a phone where I can actually take pictures on now I can actually now prove I met the musicians I've said I have* after 2 failed attempts we finally got a somewhat decent picture.

Then I went over to Scale The Summit table again where they were backing up. I wanted to talk to Chris again because he is like me musically where we enjoy almost all the same types of music. We talked for what felt like almost an hour. Everything from the new album, to the tour, to new music, to Jazz, to just simply band life.

And here comes insider information number two: First up Scale The Summit will be direct support for The Human Abstract's upcoming summer tour in a 5 band bill. I totally forgot two of the band he mentioned from last night but I do remember the band This Or The Apocalypse will be one of them. But as I just said Scale The Summit will be direct support, but sadly is not coming to Minnesota. Dates will be announced soon.. Followed by a tour of Europe and back here for either another direct support tour, or HEADLINING tour in the fall.

So after a really cool talk with Chris, I got my picture with him, and let him head over to Buffalo Wild Wings.

I lastly went over to the Fair To Midland table which was the same area as Periphery's table. I talked to guitarist, Cliff for a good long while. The other insider information is that FTM will be on tour in June when the new album comes out. But we had some good talks as well about music of all styles.

From there on out I just drove home to STS's The Collective blasting out of my car and enjoying what was a great night.
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