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Originally Posted by Davemeistro View Post
Fucking kickass show.

I'm not 100% percent sure about the order
1. New Groove
2. Letter Experiment
3. Jetpacks was Yes!
4. Buttersnips
5. Light
6. New Live Intro
7. Totla Mad
8. Frak the Gods!
9. Icarus Lives!
10. The Walk

Also not sure on the order
Scale the Summit
1. Colossal
2. The Great Plains
3. Emersion
4. Levitated
5. Drifting Figures
6. Alpenglow
7. Gallows
8. Levitated
Holy Fuck! Those are some awesome sets! You guys probably saw my review for STS's latest album, but I absolutely adore it. Sucks that there's only 2 song from Carving Desert Canyons and none from Monument but The Collective is so good that I don't care.

Also: how was the crowd reaction for Periphery? Fair to Midland isn't metal, and I'm afraid there isn't going to be any moshes or anything for my djent boys. My friends and I might try to start one if that's the case; I can't possibly stand still when I hear The Walk or Frak the Gods

oh and no Zyglrox? Sad face.

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