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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
JRA, you are being way too kind (which shocks me to the core, BTW ). This was a fucking train wreck, plain and simple.

Apologies to the OP for the bluntness of this post, but I figured I'd rather just give it to you straight than fuck about acting like I kinda liked it. The drums were HORRENDOUS. I lost count of how many times the guy missed his kick beats completely or fell a half-step to a full step behind the band. In fact, it sounded like he was trying to keep up with the guitars the whole time. That should never happen. Rhythm is THE DRUMMER'S JOB.

The vocals were pretty bad as well. The style doesn't fit the original very well, but besides that (which can only be changed to a limited degree, granted), the rhythm, again, was way off from the original.

Anyways, keep at it. With some hard work, you should improve over time. Rome wasn't built in a day.
This. I give you credit for picking a great song to cover though. Just got to tighten it up
3/3 - Hell Yeah
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