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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I just have never, and will never (ever) understand the purpose of being tan. Honestly I don't even ever notice if someone is tan vs. "pale" unless they're REALLY tan, like the fake orange kind. I honestly have just never understood why on earth people care, or why it makes any difference to anyone. So in that light, paying to "fix" it makes absolutely zero sense to me.
I can see why some people tan. Especially, if you're going on vacation to a warm climate and plan on being outside in the beating sun for several hours. Being tan is much better than looking like a lobster or getting a bad sunburn on your vacation. However, just tanning so your skin is dark all year round is silly in my opinion. Several chicks who I used to go to high school with who tanned all the time now look like their straight outta V.

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