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Metalliance Tour -- West Springfield, VA -- March 23rd, 2011

Alright, so the awesome lineup of this tour and the sudden roadtrip itch had me getting a ticket to see this bad boy at Jaxx around last week. Was hoping to grab VIP for this, in addition to the Cleveland show on Saturday, but they were sold out, so I grabbed a regular ticket.

I managed to make it to Jaxx for the first time ever in my metal concert-going tenure at around 3:30, anticipating a huge crowd like for most of the dates it seemed, but aside from the Very Important People, there were just a few regular ticketholders for the doors. Hate when that happens...

The Atlas Moth started the evening very much promptly. The schedule was followed rather precisely throughout the event, as this shitty cell phone picture will illustrate:

No fuckin' around!

As for The Atlas Moth, they did 3-maybe 4 songs presumably off their album. And they did everything pretty well. I'd even go as far as to say that they're on par with Yakuza & IntrOnaut, maybe even more enjoyable in some aspects. There were about 2 people present for their performance though. Recommended even for the remotely interested Atmos-Sludge goer though.

Howl took the stage in a swift 8 minutes or so, as we begin to enter territory in which I can remember some songs that were played. Howl plays Sludge-flavored Heavy Metal in the same vein as early-Mastodon/Baroness and it had a good kick live. Another solid performance in front of about half a dozen people. As for the set...

Gods In Broken Men (?)
And The Gnawing
The Day of Rest (?)

Red Fang was next up to bat, with Kylesa on deck and Crowbar in the hole. By now the crowd has grown to double-digits. It's interesting to see these guys among the Mayhem Fest bill, and here were the humble beginnings to what may be many times that I'll probably see these guys. I wasn't too familiar with all their songs, but I definitely dug their style - the beards are right up there with Skeletonwitch, 3 Inches of Blood, Priestess and Valient Thorr. Oh and "Prehistoric Dog" RULES live. That was the only song I could remember them playing. They were able to play 6 maybe even 7 songs.

Kylesa had projections! And they killed as well. Their set:

Hollow Severer
Unknown Awareness
Crowded Road
Running Red
Tired Climb
Distance Closing In
Don't Look Back
Said & Done -> Drum Outro Jam

Good set for 40 minutes, I'd say.

I've never been big on Crowbar, but Kirk Windstein is a Vagabond, Warrior, King & Angel. A true keeper of the faith. With apologies to Red Fang, he also possesses the superior beard of the tour. Their new album is a pretty good starter album for me. Well, I suppose it helps that I got it for free.. But hey. They had physical setlists for Crowbar (there were written ones for Kylesa but they were either recycled or already handed out), and I was fortunate enough to steal one and later have Kirk himself sign it for me. Really fantastic and chill gentleman if I do say so myself.

The band of the night for me - the man, the martyr, the distant scream.... SAIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNT VITUS! Spearheaded by Monsieurs Scott "Wino" Weinrich on vocals, and Dave Chandler on guitar, but also featuring an explosive rhythm section in Mark Adams and current-drummer Henry Vasquez, who apparently is the Ebay client that I bought my Thin Lizzy shirt from! 0_0

Wino had a surly and no-nonsense demeanor, but his stage presence was absolutely unreal. Ditto for Chandler, who just may have risen up the ranks in favorite Guitar players of mine.



Living Backwards
I Bleed Black
Clear Windowpane
Blessed Night (?)
White Stallions
Dying Inside
Born Too Late

After Vitus was a 4 1/2 hour drive featuring extended listening sessions of Jethro Tull and Steely Dan. Isn't "Dirty Work" such an awesome song? Definitely one of those 'end of the day' tunes.

Now I lay me doomed to Sleep, I pray Saint Vitus my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, I pray Saint Vitus, Crowbar, KYLESA, RED FANG, Howl & The Atlas Moth my soul to take...

Bring on Cleveland~!
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