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Originally Posted by loganarchy View Post
Nice review man. Athens is great, I was just there two Fridays ago for a college visit (UGA). Probably gonna go there because of free tuition and all. How did you like the venue?
Aw, man, that's great. I've head UGA has an awesome campus, and I know it's a great school. You should be in pretty decent shape for concerts too. A good number of bands pass through Athens, and if not there, Atlanta, which isn't very far away. I head down there pretty frequently when they don't make a stop in Raleigh or Charlotte.

Oh, wait… I just realized you're from Atlanta. I doubt I'm telling you anything you don't already know.

The venue was nice. I liked the town itself more than the venue though. But man it was packed. I had to leave my spot once to go to the bathroom (during 9-15-00/The Albanian, another reason I'm not sure exactly what exactly they played during those six or seven minutes), and it took me forever to push back through the crowd to retain my spot. The staff was cool it seemed. After the show when Sophie and Mauro and their drummers were breaking down their equipment, one dude about got kicked out by a stage guard for touching a pedal. It was pretty humorous.

Originally Posted by BrutalN00dle View Post
I about shit myself when they started Sad Mafioso, it's my favorite GYBE movement ever.
There was one point when I though I heard the faint opening notes to The Sad Mefioso, but I was either wrong or they decided on the spot not to play it. They were constantly motioning and signaling to each other during play ("increase that," "turn down that," etc), which I thought was neat. They might've also been communicating about what to play.
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