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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
Great show. Don was amazing although John didn't seem overly interested in being there. I loved the wood, deer legs, and incense on the stage. Both Don and John had some amazing looking guitars too. I was right up front in the center and I would've liked one or two decent pictures but I didn't want to piss the guys off by using flash.

What fucking sucks is that some prick stole one of the incense cauldrons at the end of the set and Don and Jason were pissed. I don't think they caught the guy though. What a dick.

FYI about merch:

Marrow CD and 7 inch boxset was $40
New Vinyl with the Grey and the White on it was $30
And the tshirts didn't have dates on em, shame cause I would have definitely bought one if they did.
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