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Thanks for doing this!! I was gonna go throught the tapes and find the setlist, but now I don't have to!! Yes, the show was great. Both All Shall Perish + Kataklysm sounded very good. Vocal-wise and instrument-wise everything was very clear. Crowd responded well to both bands. Lot's of moshing for both. Of course, I'm disappointed that Kataklysm doesn't play much old shit, but that's expected. I'll have some Kataklysm clips up on YT later this week. It was great to see long sets. Kataklysm got a longer set than the rest of the tour, as it was the last date, and they were playing in their home-town of Montreal. They played for approximately 83 minutes, and ASP got 46 minutes. I'll take both of those

Here was All Shall Perish's setlist, w/ YouTube links as appropriate :

1) Never...Again
2) Eradication
3) Stabbing To Purge Dissimulation
4) The True Beast
5) Gagged, Bound, Shelved and Forgotten
6) There Is No Business To Be Done on A Dead Planet
7) When Life Meant More (YT clip w/ above song)
8) Divine Illusion (New Song)
9) Deconstruction
10) The Day Of Justice
11) Wage Slaves

Overall, a good setlist IMO. I like that they were allowed to play 46 minutes. Shit, it seems most opening bands rarely get over 40 nowadays. Happy w/ 5 songs from 'The Price of Existence', my favorite ASP album. Would like to se more from 'Hate.Malice.Revenge', but I'll take the above setlist. Overall, a killer show.

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