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Kataklysm -- Montreal, Quebec -- March 20th, 2011

I have been waiting to see Kataklysm since they postponed the December 9th date. After a bit of disc golf and the tourist thing I went to the venue.

Conducting the Grave was playing when I got there. At this point I didn't know that Abysmal Dawn and Decrepit Birth were not playing. I am not sure why, but usually border issues come in to play. I knew nothing of this band and frankly I thought they were ok.

All The Perish played next. I also thought they were ok. The songs were either really fast or slow tempo. The first song they started with was the best. I actually left for a bit during their set to listen to a NCAA tournament game.

I think Kataklysm is the shit! I saw them last year in Montreal twice and the vibe was awesome! The hometown fans really enhance the experience!

Here's the important info-

A Souless God
Serenity In Fire
The Ambassador of Pain
Manipulator of Souls
As I Slither
Years of Enlightenment
Push The Venom
Astral Empire
In Shadows and Dust
At The Edge of The World
Road To Devestation
Crippled and Broken

To Reign Again
Like Angels Weeping

Please pardon the order. I got some of it right, but I know there are a few mixed up. I haven't listened to The Prophecy album much, but I pretty sure they played it was Astral Empire. Please feel free to correct me.

The show was seriously awesome! They were filming this show for an upcoming DVD and also for the video for At The Edge of The World. Though it was not needed, the filming got people even more fired up!

In conclusion, I want to add this show could give inspiration for a local deli to start a " Wall of Death " sandwich. During the " Wall of Death " sequence some people stood in the middle of the floor to absorb the mosh from both sides. Some smoked meat slapped between two slices of rye.........
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