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Dream Rites of Darkness Festival

Day I:

Cemetury Urn / Bestial Warlust: (reunion) (60 mins)

(Cemetery Urn)
Destroyer of Worlds / Legion of Fiends
Wrath From the Grave
Deaths Turbulent Fire
Possessed Terror
The Urn of Blood

(Bestial Warlust)
Dweller of the Bottomless Pit
Barbaric Horde
At the Graveyard of God
Storming Vengeance
I, The Warrior
Bestial Warlust

Impiety: (45 mins)

Advent of the Nuclear Baphomet
Death Squad
Lord of Apokalypse
Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration
Reign the Vulture
As Judea Burns
Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit
Anal Madonna

Summon: (40 mins)

Intro / Blood Red Skies
And the Blood Runs Black
Eve of Anticreation
Beating of Christ
Perverse Serenity
Satanic Slut
Sacred Nothing
Enter Into Eternal Oath
Spiritual Desecration
Spew Forth Blasphemy
Raging Toward Burning Flames

Blasphemophagher: (30 mins)

Intro / Descending Into Extermination
Nuclear War Now!
Rites of Eternal Horror
Bringers of Extermination
Abyss of Lust, Chaos & Death
Black Hole Abominations
The Return of Bestial Vomit

Children of Technology: (30 mins)

Children of Technology (Intro)
New Enemies to Hunt
It's Time to Face the Doomsday
Nuclear Armed Dogs
Postnuclear Quarantine
The Road Warriors
Vultures Over Cities in Flames
Give Me Gasoline or Give Me Death
Death's Fury
No Fuel, No Hope!!!

Manticore: (30 mins)

Feast of the Beast
The Art of Possession
Unholy Awakenings
When Fire Strikes the Blackened Skies
Rebirth of Creation
Praising the Whore... On the Altar of Darkness
Our Will is His
Those Who Covet This Earth

Ignivomous: (25 mins)

Hedonistic Pain Ritual
The Alchemy of Suffering
Eroded Void of Salvation
Beckoned to a Global Tomb

Hell Torment: (25 mins)

I Am Cursed
God of Death
Sodom & Gomorra
Return of Destruction
Destroy & Kill

Witchaven: (25 mins)

The Final Option
Dawn of the Unholy
Unholy Copulation
Empty Chasm
Black Thrash Assault


Blasphemy: (50 mins)

Intro / War Command
Weltering in Blood
Nocturnal Slayer
Elders of the Apocalypse / Blood Upon the Altar
Goddess of Perversity
Hording of Evil Vengeance
Empty Chalice
Blasphemous Attack
Fallen Angel of Doom
Gods of War
Darkness Prevails
Emperor of the Black Abyss

Inquisition: (60 mins)

Astral Path to Supreme Majesties
Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer
The Realm of Shadows Shall Forever Reign
We Summon the Winds of Fire (For the Burning Of All Holiness)
Empire of Luciferian Race
For Lucifer My Blood
Desolate Funeral Chant
Eternal Loyalty to Our Lord Satan
Before the Symbol of Satan We Bow an Praise
Enter the Cult
Crush the Jewish Prophet

Kult ov Azazel: (40 mins)

Destroying the Sacred
Trampling the Cross
Destruction to the Throne of God
Mark of the Devil
Storm the Gates
The Glorification of Evil
Slaughter the Prophets
Legions Unleashed
Gutting Religious Heritage
Forever Heaven Gone

Black Witchery: (40 mins)

Holocaustic Church Devastation
Crush the Messiah
Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance
Antichrist Order of Holy Death
Blood Oath
Scorned and Crucified
Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
Holocaust Summoning
Profane Savagery
Sepulchral Witchcraft
Upheaval of Satanic Might

Krieg: (40 mins)

No Future
Calamity From the Skies
Fallen Ones
Power of Darkness
An the Stars Fell On
Ruin Under a Burning Sky
All Paths to God
Black Ash Snowfall
Destruction Ritual

Nunslaughter: (30 mins)

This is Fucking War
I Hate Christians
Fuck the Bastard
Church of Disgust
Atheist Ways
Killed by the Cross
No Place for the Cross
The Guts of Christ
Smell the Burning Churches
Raid the Convent

Deiphago: (30 mins)

Intro / Christ Eater
Filipino Antichrist
Sacrifice for Satan
Storming Chaos
Death to Everything
Satanic Metal

Surrender of Divinity: (30 mins)

Manifest Blasphemy
Satanic Storm
Paradise's Brothel
The Triumph of Thy Majesty

Abominator: (30 mins)

Scourge Immortalised
Luciferian Path to Destruction
Domain of Iblis
Diabolical Darkness
Hymn to Baphomet

Derkéta: (25 mins)

Crypts of Darkness
Begotten Son
Premature Burial
The Unholy Ground
Time of Awakening
Your Rotting Flesh

Acid Witch: (25 mins)

Satanic Faith (Intro)
Witchfynder Finder
Broomstick Bitch
The Black Witch
If Hell Exists
Trick or Treat

Crucified Mortals: (25 mins)

The Seance
Sordid Treachery
Ghastly Affliction
The Reaper's Blade
Masked Murder
Resurrected Fiend


Desaster: (60 mins)

Intro / Satan's Soldiers Syndicate
Hellfire's Dominion
Ghouls to Strike
Fields of Triumph
Divine Blasphemies
In the Ban of Satan's Sorcery
Disciples of Darkness
Battle Oath
Razor Ritual
Symphony of Vengeance
Visions in the Autumn Shades
Thou Shalt be King

Sargeist: (60 mins)

Empire of Suffering
From the Black Coffin Lair
Black Fucking Murder
Remains of an Unholy Past
Let the Devil In
Twilight Breath of Satan
Cursed Blaze of Rituals
Satanic Black Devotion
Black Treasures of Melancholy

Archgoat: (40 mins)

Intro: 3rd Invocation
Apotheosis of Lucifer
Rise of the Black Moon
Whore of Bethlehem
Lord of the Void
The Dawn of the Antichrist
Hammer of Satan
Fornicated Messiah
Black Messiah
Goat and the Moon
Angel of Sodomy
Outro (The Prophecy)

Bulldozer: (40 mins)

The Exorcism
Don't Trust the Saint
Aces of Blasphemy
Salvation for Sale
Heaven's Jail
Mad Man
The Great Deceiver
Unexpected Fate
Whisky Time

Weapon: (40 mins)

From the Devil's Tomb
Mortem Pyre (In Darkness and Blood)
Serpentine Ayat
Remnants of a Burnt Mosque
The Inner Wolf
Towards the Unereated

Diocletian: (30 mins)

Black Dominion
Kingdom of Rats
Oath to Ruin
Nuclear Vomited
Antichrist Hammerfist
Deathstrike Overkill
Death Tyrant

Anal Vomit: (30 mins)

Hell Command
Seed of Evil
Ripping Corpses
Temptation and Pleasure
Signo de la Bestia
Filthy Fuckers

Bestial Holocaust: (30 mins)

Witches Sacrifice
Satánica Premonición
Exterminacion Final
Fornication in the Land of Death
Pasaporte Al Inferno

Hacavitz: (30 mins)

To Meet Again
Towards Black Pest
Omitzhuicazquia Tezcatlipoca
Tsita Ndäte
Lusting the Dead ov Night
Serpents ov Smoke

Cruel Force: (25 mins)

Witches Curse
Satanic Might
Queen of Heresy
Forces of Hades
Leather and Metal

Denouncement Pyre: (25 mins)

Black Womb of Magdalene
Invination of Poison
Engulfed Temples
The Flesh of Thy Master
Salvation, The Fading Light
Ave Azarate! 218

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