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Dream Hank III and Assjack Setlist

This set might seem long for those who don't know anything about Hank III, but he performed for about 5 and a half hours in Knoxville a few years back, so this is realistic. Yeah I know country ain't your thing, but fuck it, its still awesome. Everytime he performs, he starts off with a fast outlaw country set, then goes into the hellbilly set, and ends the night with his metal set.

[Country Set]
1. Straight to Hell
2. Thrown Out of the Bar
3. Gettin' Drunk and Fallin' Down
4. Smoke & Wine
5. Walking With Sorrow
6. Pills I Took(Those Poor Bastards)
7. Long Hauls and Close Calls(with Gary)
8. 3 Shades of Black(with Gary)
9. Rebel Within(with Gary)
10. P.F.F.(with Gary)
11. Low Down
12. Six Pack of Beer
13. The Grand Ole Opry (Ain't So Grand)
14. Outskirts of Life(GG Allin)/If You don't Like Hank Williams

[III Alone with his guitar]
15. Along and Dying
16. I Could Never Be Ashamed of You(Hank Williams)
17. Long Black Veil(Lefty Frizzell)
18. Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised(Johnny Paycheck)
19. False Hearted Lovers Blues(Dock Boggs)

[Back with the band]
20. Foggy Mountain Breakdown(Flatt and Scruggs)
21. The Legend of D-Ray White
22. Tore Up and Loud
23. Country Heroes
24. Things You Did to Me
25. H8 Line
26. Me and My Friends
27. Not Everybody Likes Us
28. Dick in Dixie

[Hellbilly Set]
29. Hey Man
30. Life of Sin
31. White Trash Pt II
32. I Don't Wanna Go Home
34. Praying For A Heart Attack
35. Blood of the Chickens
36. I'm Drunk Again
37. 5 Shots of Whisky
38. Hellbilly
39. Livin It Up


[Assjack Set]
40. Trepadation
41. Cocaine
42. No Regrets
43. Black Destiny
44. Gravel Pit
45. Smoke the Fire
46. Doing What I Want
47. Cut Throat
48. Hard Times(Cro-mags)/Demonomania(Misfits)
49. Day of Suffering(Morbid Angel)/Troops of Doom(Sepultura)
50. Raining Blood(Slayer)/Tennesse Driver
51. Redneck Ride
52. Punch Fight Fuck
53. Raw Brutal Rought and Bloody(GG Allin)
54. Eat Fuck Kill(Motherfucking Saints)

[As Unholy 3]
55. White Trash Pt 1
56. Take As Needed For Pain
57. A.D.D. Jam
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