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Track Listing

Side A
1. Ma Patrie Est A Terre
2. 2 Autres Bières
3. Je Chante Comme Un Coyote
4. Hit & Run
5. Femme Qui S’en Vas
6. Le Blues Me Guette
7. Georgia
8. Caline De Blues
9. Seulement Qu’une Aventure
10. La Louve
11. Blues D’en Dessous D’Zéro
12. Poison Rouge

Side B

1. Prend Pas Tout Mon Amour
2. Bar Salon Des 2 Toxons
3. Le L’Sais Ben
4. Faut Que J’me Pousse
5. La Voix Que J’ai
6. Dominus Vobiscum
7. Québec Rock
8. Le Juge Et L’Assassin
9. Drum Solo
10. Zimbabwe
11. Medley : Chu Un Rocker\Jailhouse Rock\Slowdown\Great Balls Of Fire

The last show of my favourite Québécois rock band filmed & recorded at the old Montreal forum back in 1985. They announced that it was their last show so they played like 40 songs \ 3 ½ hours. The track listing here is the one of the 4 track casette that I’ve listened endlessly when I was younger. They released the full concert on dvd a few years ago and I must admit it’s pure magic. So for my official listening I’ve put a few more songs than the casette,cut’s like ‘Ayoye’ , ‘Promenade Sur Mars’ & ‘Les Eaux Qui Dorment’ are cruelly missing so I played them. Most of you guys probably never heard of them, it’s bluesy\rock band sometimes borderline hard rock so if you want to check them out go see this (Ma Patrie Est A Terre): it’s taken from that show. The singer who has this beautifull powerfull voice died of cancer in 1990 at the age of 44 or something.

Repose en paix Gerry !
Santé !
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