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Metalliance -- Dallas, TX -- March 17th, 2011

Ok finally back after almost a full afternoon of seeing beautiful lovely Oklahoma (*Sarcasm). I will say right off the bat that my main reason for going down was for Helmet and everything else after that would just be a bonus. I'll also say after reading reviews online the length of time other bands played sounded a little different from what I read on the sheet at the soundboard, times might have been a little off b/c of alot of technical difficulties. I went ahead and did the VIP which for the price was not bad seeing that for me it was only $30 more so figured why not. Apparently there were only 17 VIP sold for the Dallas show which seemed like a random number but there were 14 of us there and the security guy said we were only missing 3 and the VIP did sell out. Got in and went into a different room and we grabbed our poster and hot sauce (!!!!!). The bands slowly started walking in. The best part of the meet and greet was there were no tables where everyone sat down and people went down 1 by 1 like an assembly line. The security guy just said these are the bands pointed at them and we just walked over to everybody and got pics and stuff signed. Of course going to meet Helmet I had some skank cut in front of me with 3 posters and about 4 different CD's for Page to sign so of course there's always one... Anyway though I got my pics taken with Page, Kirk & Wino. Everybody was very cool. I'm now hating myself for the fact I did not have Kylesa or Red Fang sign my poster. But got everyone in Helmet, Crowbar & St. Vitus to sign my poster so that will be put in a frame very quickly. It probably lasted I'd say maybe 30-40 mins and just waited around for the bands to start.

Since I know some people are wondering about merch going off memory... Kylesa shirts were $15. Helmet short sleeved shirts were $10 (no concert dates however) I bought a hoodie as well for $30, Crowbar shirts were all $20. I picked up the new album for only $10. St. Vitus shirts were $20 and did have concert dates on them. And the shirt that jumped out was a pink St. Vitus shirt and on the back it said "I'll Never Be Like You" wanted to put just couldn't pull the trigger on a Vitus shirt. And there was St. Vitus vinyl for $10 as well.

Onto the show. Opening band was some local band. I think I napped w/ my head down on a table. Not much there. Atlas Moth was next and I really didn't find much more reedeeming from them either.

Howl was next and I gotta say it took me a little bit to get into them but by the end I was really enjoying them. Had kind of a Sword/HOF sound. But I really enjoyed them. I'd like to hear more of them and see them again after I'm more familiar w/ them. They played for probably about 20 mins or so.

Red Fang was next and I was pretty excited for them. I was going to see them w/ Clutch a few years ago until it was turned into a Mudvayne/Clutch show and Red Fang got the short end of the deal. First thing I noticed about them was wow I don't think I've ever seen a band play more beat up equipment. Those Fenders look like they've had the hell beat out of them. But Red Fang was amazing. Very impressive that Mayhem Fest is going to have them play. Hopefully it will get them the exposure that they deserve. Crowd was totally into them too. Sadly they got the same 20-25 mins Howl got.

Kylesa was next. I'll be honest I didn't know a damn thing about them other than I've heard alot of people say alot of positive things about them. Crowd was really getting a little bit larger by the time they came out. Didn't know they had 2 drummers, hadn't seen that (not counting Slipknot) since I saw Ministry back in '03. I absolutely loved them as well and I'll definitely be checking them out more as well. The down side to this which would be a reoccuring theme throughout the night. The sound absolutely BLEW. Vocals were not worth a shit. All the other instruments sounded good but the vocals were fairly unintelligible which left me a little sour. I know I liked what I heard. Just wished I could have known what they were saying. Kylesa got 30 minutes.

I've waited for this for a long time and finally got to see Crowbar. The bad news of this is b/c of the regular Crowbar vocals & the god awful sound Crowbar was not as enjoyable as what I had in my mind. But of course I do not blame the band for this. They were still amazing and heavy as shit just like I expected. I am not very clear what was played. I was hoping like hell they would play Isolation (Desperation) off the new album. That song is so crushing. Having a hard time remembering alot of what was played but what we did get is All I Had (I Gave), Cemetary Angels, they closed w/ Self-Inflicted, & pretty sure I Have Failed. Probably still missing 3-4 more songs though. Sound was just brutal sadly. Can't wait to actually see them again where I can actually make out what Kirk is saying. LOL definitely a first getting to see someone on stage drinking an O' Douls. He must have loved beer if he will still drink O' Douls. Yuck but it's good that he's staying sober. The paper said 30 mins but from reviews I read it said it was 35-40 mins. My phone was near dead so I didn't look at how long anybody played. A side note... I was shocked, a few times when I went out where the merch tables were at Kirk was actually the one at his own merch table on more than one occassion when I was out there. Not to get anyones hopes up for other shows but if you wanna meet Kirk there might be a chance you could see him at the merch table.

OK this is the part where I have failed you. I don't have a setlist... I enjoy Saint Vitus I just don't know their catalog that well. I searched literally everywhere I could hoping that somebody would bail me out but unfortunately I couldn't. What I can tell you is even though the paper said 40 mins, the review I read said they played at or almost an hour. It felt like it was longer than the 40 mins that was printed. I will give you what I know: Clear Windowpayne, I Bleed Black, White Magic / Black Magic, Dying Inside & I know big shocker closed w/ Born Too Late. I know someone here in the next day or 2 who is more familair w/ St. Vitus will be able to give everyone an exact setlist. The sound ended up getting worse for Vitus. This time Wino's vocals were fine but even worse while Dave was in the middle of playing his guitar went completely out. What it seemed like was something kept getting unplugged. Hell a guy taking pictures even went and plugged it back in for him. Very disapointing as well. One thing I got to say, w/o knowing Vitus that well Dave was an ABSOLUTE beast on guitar, my first thinking was seeing a guy w/ long grey hair, a purple bandana, and a shirt that said Curly 3:16 couldn't be serious, he was one of the best guitar players I've ever seen live. That is what I will take away from Vitus the most. As you will see in my pics he got off the stage and was running back and forth playing guitar on people in the front row (sadly I wasn't one...dammit). I am greatful that I even got to see Vitus, and I hope to god I will get to see them again. For once KC finally gets the long straw and gets to see an extended Vitus set. Also got a pic from Dave as well!!!!

And now finally the part that a few might skip over already for their indifference or dislike for Helmet. I'll be up front. They are my favorite band, they are my main reason for going all the way to Dallas since they are skipping KC, I might be a little bias but I'll do my best to try and leave those out. Just as I figured the crowd thinned out a bit after Vitus left but I had my front row spot since Crowbar. Very excited that they were doing Meantime in it's entirety. Unfortunately I knew that meant there'd still be alot I'd be without and a great thing about seeing Helmet is being surprised what they play. Unfortunately we only got 2 songs of Seeing Eye Dog which I hoped for more b/c I really love that album. Wished he would have done a different one other than "In Person" but still no biggie. Milquetoast was kind of an odd opener IMO. The Meantime set was just crushing, "Better" & finally getting to hear "Give It" after so many years were the highlights for me. They did the encore thing and came back and asked if we wanted "something 1994 or 1997" not a big surprise what won that, even though Aftertaste is an underrated album. And they finally closed with "Just Another Victim". Wished they could have played longer of course but still very happy and satisified w/ their set. I'm sure there are alot on here that could care less about Helmet and probably even more now that like them even less b/c the headliner was supposed to be High On Fire. I would still give them a few songs before leaving after St. Vitus, they are still a very great live act. I was fortunate enough to get a setlist and that made my whole night.

So Long
In Person
In The Meantime
Give It
Turned Out
He Feels Bad
You Borrowed
Role Model
Wilma's Rainbow (Neither Encore was printed on setlist)
Just Another Victim

I share alot of the same senitments that others have already said. I hope to god for Metalliance 2 there are atleast 2-3 less bands. It's just unnecessary. I agree it's a crime to give Kylesa & Crowbar only 30 mins, Vitus 40 mins & Helmet only an hour for bands that have been at it 20 - 30+ years. Hopefully whoever runs this will take the fans advice and shorten up the # of bands b/c it's not a big enough deal to make it a festival type deal and I really wouldn't want it to be like a festival. Just take 4 kick ass bands and let them tour. This was by far the best VIP experience I ever had, and any body else on here who is getting VIP will be in for the time of your life getting to meet all these amazing bands. My lengthy term paper is now done, thanks for whoever was able to read this. Here are the pics that I got that turned out amazing:
3/5 - Dope
6/6 - Morbid Angel
7/11 - Iron Maiden

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