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I like the way the line runs up the back of the stocking
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I Am Ozzy book
Baroness - Red Album vinyl with John Baizley
- Leviathan white vinyl (got it just because it was the white vinyl, came with all 4 autographs)
- Leviathan and Blood Mountain CD booklets by Brann and Bill
Jerry Cantrell 8x10
Alexi Laiho Hatebreeder booklet
Vinnie Paul 4x5, FBD booklet
BLS flag with Nick and Craig
BLS Mafia booklet with that lineup
Tony Iommi Fused booklet
Probably some other shit I have at home

And not autographs - got a Mondo Generator cd at Ozzfest so I could get it signed by Nick Oliveri, but it turns out I was the only one to buy one and they just left after playing, got my fuckin money back
I've never bothered to ask anybody in High on Fire for autographs because I see them like every 6 months.
3/10 Big Biz
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