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European Carnage -- Moscow, Russia -- March 15th, 2011

@ Olympic Stadium
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Can't remember EVERYTHING exactly, but here it is. In no order...

Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
Hangar 18
Wake Up Dead
How the Story Ends
Head Crusher
Peace Sells
Symphony of Destruction
Tornado of Souls
Sweating Bullets
Skin O' My Teeth
A Tout Le Monde
In My Darkest Hour

Angel of Death
The Antichrist
World Painted Blood
Hate Worldwide
Black Magic
Raining Blood
Dead Skin Mask
South of Heaven
Mandatory Suicide
Hallowed Point
War Ensemble
Silent Scream

Probably missing a few songs, but fuck it. I'm too high off moshing to care.

I went to the Megadeth meet 'n' greet, and I can say that meeting the four geniuses behind one of the best metal bands out there was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my life. Unfortunately, I could not get anything signed -- I had gone earlier on during the day (going as far as to skip classes) to the autograph session, only to have Mustaine and Drover leave the signing desks as soon as I had gotten inside. Unlike my companions, I wasn't too upset -- there's free autograph booths at Mayhem Fest

First came Mustaine -- and yes, he is still ginger. As I greeted him warmly, he noted on my 'foreign' accent, telling me I didn't look, or sound for that matter, Russian. I told him I was from the Bay Area, from California, and he immediately proceeded to asking me whether I was to hit the Mountain View Mayhem Festival stop. I told him I would, and with a hearty laugh he told me to bring the photo (which would be taken in a few minutes) of me and the rest of the band to him in July, so he could sign it.

Next came Ellefson -- he gave me a "Privet!", to which I replied I perfeectly knew English. He laughed, telling me that "-it's nice to have someone normal here." (I was the only American among a dozen Russian Megadeth Fan Club members). As he shook my hand, he took a quick look at me, and then asked me through laughter "Care to explain why you're wearing flannel to a thrash show?" I told him it was better than wearing a coat inside the stuffy stadium, and he gave me a "gotcha!" and told me to give him a shout-out at Mayhem.

Next came Broderick and Drover, together. Like Ellefson, they were glad to meet someone whose speech was understandable. We chatted about past Megadeth shows I had attended, and when the Cyber Army representative told everybody to pose for the group photo, I put my arms on Broderick's and Drover's shoulders (a photo of which I will keep as my Facebook profile picture for years to come).


Due to traffic (I had to go back and get my friends back home), I came inside right in the middle of the first song of Megadeth's set -- Holy Wars (an odd choice to open the show with). I immediately noticed that Mustaine's singing was slightly off -- this was only the beginning of a major dissapointment. I have to say that the only song that the band did justice to was Wake Up Dead -- a song that I had only started to worship after my first Megadeth gig, back in July, which was absolutely incredible. The mosh pit was unfortunately very stale during Megadeth's performance, with simply a little pushing, which was such a mood-killer that I could hardly call it moshing. I'm sad to say that Megadeth's performance tonight earned a three out of five -- I was tempted to give a four out of sympathy and adoration for the band.

Next came out Slayer, and World Painted Blood immediately hit off the pit. It was fucking crazy -- only the first song, and I could already taste the sweat of the adrenaline-fueled metalheads and me. I went batshit insane, pulling off every move in the book, along with my friend. Unfortunately, by the time Slayer had segued into the second track, Hate Worldwide, he had been headbutted by a fellow mosher, and began profusely bleeding from his eyebrow. As measly a wound this sounds, blood ran fast, and as everybody around him began inspecting the wound, he wiped the blood off, and freaked out. He left in a hurry, not telling me where he was going. I waved it off, and continued fucking shit up.

I absolutely loved Slayer. Their set was among the best I had ever witnessed. I am astounded that despite the situations with Araya and Hannemann (Holt was awesome, imo), they can pull off a FIVE STAR performance. Bravo, Slayer! This was the first time I had seen you and you completely went far beyond my expectations! Despite not playing Beauty through Order, Bloodline, or Disciple, that was fucking AWESOME. I can't wait till I go again to see them.

I bought a pretty cool Slayer t-shirt, which was insanely priced at $30 in Russian currency. My friend (injured one) said he'd never go to Slayer again, a very dissapointing decision.

On a side note, there was a Megadeth t-shirt on sale which had the caption 'Peace Sells 2011 Tour'. What? What Peace Sells tour? They played two songs from Peace Sells -- that's complete bullshit.

Anyway, I'll update the setlist later. BrutalDescent out, good night (hell to the yes) and good luck.

EDIT: Morning after. Slayer is now the best band I have ever seen live.
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