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Of all the ones listed, this is the one that stands out the most to me:

Set # 11 FOR INTERMEDIATE, AND PRO DRUMMERS: Tama Starclassic 100% Birch 5 piece set in a red sparkle fade lacquered finish . The sizes are 22 x 18 bass, 10, 12, 14 mounted toms and matching 5 x 14 snare. Beautiful looking, great sounding and in very good condition. Comes with tom mounts if you want drums only. Drums only $650.
Since you have all the cymbals and hardware, $650 for a complete set of Tama Starclassics *Tama's highest series* is a steal. I'd jump all over that.

All the other sets mentioned are either complete shit *Percussion Plus* or beginnier/interdemiate kit. The Starclassics are the only top of the line series available of those mentioned. if I didn't have my drums I'd be all over that.
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