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Originally Posted by velvetgrass View Post
Okay, I'm fairly new here but I've been following the Megadeth setlists online for a while so here are my comments about it:

Glad they're closing with the complete Holy Wars again instead of that shortened reprise they were ending with. But I'm personally sick of Wake Up Dead being anywhere in the set yet alone the opener. Personally, I wish they'd open with Dialetic Chaos/This Day We Fight! I'm so glad they didn't drop "Tornado Of Souls" now that they're done with the RIP live tour. One thing that irritates me is that they hardly perform anything off United Abominations. That's such a kick-ass album! It wouldn't hurt to put a song or two in every couple shows. And why cut out A Tout Le Monde? That should be a staple in every Megadeth show.

But, this setlist wasn't bad by any means, I'd have an awesome time if I was actually at this show.

One question, have they ever performed Sudden Death live?
They have NEVER played Sudden Death live as far as I know, and I totally agree with you on the United Abominations part, I'd do anything for 'Burnt Ice' to be on that setlist.
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