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Thumbs up Dream "An Evening With Amon Amarth" Setlist

SET 1:

War Of The Gods
Hermod's Ride To Hel: Loke's Treachery Part 1
Tock's Taunt: Loke's Treachery Part II
Destroyer Of The Universe
Slaves Of Fear
Live Without Regrets
The Last Stand Of Frej
For Victory Or Death
Wrath Of The Norsemen
A Beast Am I
Doom Over Dead Man

SET 2:

Twilight Of The Thundergod
Free Will Sacrifice
Valhall Awaits Me
Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
For The Stabwounds In Our Backs
Without Fear
Guardians Of Asgaard
Victorious March
Fate Of Norns
The Sound Of Eight Hooves
Runes To My Memory
Bleed For Ancient Gods
Gods Of War Arise
Varyags Of Miklagaard
The Last With Pagan Blood
Down The Slopes of Death
Death In Fire
Cry Of The Blackbirds
Pursuit Of Vikings

Sounds like it would be a great setlist in my opinion. Many amazing songs in there and I wouldn't surprised if they performed Loke's Treachery Pts 1 and 2 in the first set.

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