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Originally Posted by Nick_to_the_face View Post
Who else is gonna be there?
I wish. Do you realize it's been 7 years since Epitaph? 7 motherfucking years. They need to put out a new album before they do any sort of touring again.

According to the inside word from the Summer Slaughter boards, it's 100% certain that Whitechapel, Black Dahlia Murder, and Darkest Hour will all co-headline, with Whitechapel performing last I believe. Dying Fetus and Fleshgod Apocalypse are confirmed, and either 1349 or Skeletonwitch will be on it also.

With that many huge names, I can't picture there being any other bands. I'm really excited for this lineup, but pretty sad at the same time that they're ditching the traditional Death Metal lineup for the most part, excluding Dying Fetus. In my opinion, a tech death band should headline this tour, no matter what. Whitechapel as a headliner is gonna turn a LOT of people away from SS, and attract a different crowd. Isn't that what the other kiddie tours are for, like Atticus Metal and Thrash and Burn?
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