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Yea you were close with The Clutch set. It was

Who's Been Talkin
King Of Arizona / jam
Burning Beard
Texam Book of the Dead
50000 Unstoppable Watts
Mob Goes Wild
long jam
Electric Worry
One Eyed Dollar

We roadtripped from Atlanta for the show. Completely worth it[/quote]

Are you sure about King of Arizona? I have always wanted to hear that song live and would have remembered that.. if they did play it I am pretty sure it wasn't second..because i remember bitching that with all the kick ass up beat songs they have why are they opening with slower blues numbers while opening for Motorhead and Soapmakers was the first up beat thing the ripped into. I don't remember them doing Mob, but I am probably wrong about that one.
saw a setlist taped on the stage but couldn't get close enough to see it. would like to know what it was and what the jam songs where if they were actually songs or not.

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