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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Damn, thanks for the info and education. Ironically Binge and Purge is my favorite Clutch song and always has been since the 1st time I saw it live. They used to open with it when they were still an opening act.

I just listened to Passive Restraints and was blown away. Man I love that song. I tried to listen to Strange Cousins after that and I just don't get that album at all. I could literally do a top 75 Clutch songs and not 1 song from that cd would make my list.
You're welcome man and I have seen Binge and Purge once way back in 95' it was a sight to behold!

Passive Restraints was an awesome song! SCFTW is definitely a grower, took a few listens for me. However, Let a Poor Man Be, Abe Lincoln, and especially MINOTAUR really made me like the album. How many times have you listened to SCFTW out of curiosity?

Originally Posted by 300%_Density View Post
Thanks for those links as well. Damn good reads.
You're welcome I'm happy to help

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