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Originally Posted by evildeadjedi View Post

This kind of explains why they don't play certain songs anymore:

Amanda: Since Clutch has progressed so far throughout the years, do you find it strange to do some of the older material? Meaning, your head was in a different place then, and you’ve grown as a band and as musicians. When you are playing the song does your mind think, “Wow, I am so not this person anymore.”

Jean Paul: I think maybe there are some songs that Neil doesn’t really want to sing, and we don’t really want to play. Binge and Purge is an excellent example of something like that. We’re not particularly angry people; I think we’re all really happy to be playing music. With that being said, I still enjoy playing some of those old songs too. At this point, we’ve sort of gone through the entire catalog. The songs that still work live, the songs that we’re still comfortable playing in the set list; we make a different set list every night, and consequently the songs that we pull from, our catalog, is a lot bigger than most bands is, so we play stuff from every album, from the very old stuff to the newest album, Strange Cousins From the West.

The Pitchfork and Lost Needles situation is strange I figured they would have played some of the those tracks after the release (which I keep thinking they played Far Country for some reason back in 05 or 06). Wicker would have been awesome!

Here is a little explanation:

When did the idea to re-release Pitchfork first surface, and are you satisfied with it?

Neil: We originally released Pitchfork as a 7 inch on a small label, and then started selling it on our own as a CD a few years after that. And then about three years ago, we were given this opportunity to go to Japan, and essentially it was, "we need to go to Japan and we need some money, what do we do?" So we made a deal with Megaforce Records and we licensed them the Jam Room record and the Pitchfork record, and they in turn gave us some money. We went to Japan, and that was pretty much it. Yeah.

Same here and I saw El Jefe Speaks along with Walking the Great Shining Path of Monster Trucks.

Clutch has not completely abandoned TSL, they just haven't played anything from it this tour.

I think El Jefe, Rats, Monster Trucks, and Marcus will be back in the rotation.

That said, this was a very solid set, and I really wish one of the off dates was in my neck of the woods.
Damn, thanks for the info and education. Ironically Binge and Purge is my favorite Clutch song and always has been since the 1st time I saw it live. They used to open with it when they were still an opening act.

I just listened to Passive Restraints and was blown away. Man I love that song. I tried to listen to Strange Cousins after that and I just don't get that album at all. I could literally do a top 75 Clutch songs and not 1 song from that cd would make my list.
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