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Melechesh -- Springfield, VA -- March 9th, 2011

HATE DID NOT PERFORM, no idea why, I'm guessing passport bullshit (wouldn't be the first time a band has been fucked over), though I heard gossip of a seizure or something.

Illumination: The Face of Shamash
Sacred Geometry
Deluge of Delusional Dreams
Ladders to Sumeria
Grand Gathas of Baal Sin
Triangular Tattvic Fire
Ghouls of Nineveh
Rebirth of the Nemesis

Badass set in support of Rotting Christ. Lecherous Nocturne played some new stuff, and I still have no idea what Abigail Williams played. Read any of my other posts with them for a review of their performance

Anyway, Melechesh's first ever tour of the USA, and I believe their second ever show this side of the Atlantic. This was one of the times where at first only a few people were in to the performance, but by the end, the band had converted most of the building into fans. Ashmedi and company played very tightly, and had a great sound (though the snare was a bit too loud in my opinion).

To put it simply, it was just an engaging and powerful performance, and the particular highlights for me were Sacred Geometry, Baal Sin, and Tattvic Fire, which transcended the performance to become epic, grim manifestos of Sumeria.

I would advise all to attend a performance by this band, not only because they kicked ass at an impressive level, but also to make it financially viable for them to tour the USA again.

Also, Moloch's guitar had the most badass set-up, it was a black Gibson V, but the pickguard and truss-rod plate had been replaced with a copper-colored arabian-looking pieces.

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