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Originally Posted by Derelict View Post
Not to be a dick, but you know this isn't going to happen, so this really isnt worth complaining about anymore.

Awesome set.
Why? Why not play a 2:50 song like Marcus just to please the old school fans? I'd rather hear Electric Worry into Marcus before One Eye Dollar anyday.

Maybe I'm the eternal optomist but unless it's a record company dis or some reason why they don't want people buying those cd's why ignore them?

Do they hate Eastwest and/or Earache records or something? Do they not get enough money if they sell those cd's as opposed to the s/t? If it's that I'd almost understand but until I hear that is the real reason I just can't let it go. There are people who don't even know Speedway exists and it's one of their 3 best cd's to me.

Why release Pitchfork and Lost Needles a few years ago and never play a great track like Wicker? I thought it was odd PF&LN was released on Megaforce so maybe it is a record label thing. Anyone know?
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