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Motorhead -- Charlotte, NC -- March 5th, 2011

Road trip from Nashville to Charlotte to see what is billed to me one of the best tours ever. Knew the Motorhead set so I was excited to see what they were playing. As with Clutch you never know the set and that is great. The played a place called the Fillmore and it is part of a several club music complex. Great club and area. Would like to go there again for a show. Place is huge, must hold at least 2000 people.
Valiant Thor was up fi9rst. Short 6 or 7 song set. Pretty cool had fun watching them. Singer is pretty excited kind of guy always running and jumping and then being super polite to the audience after each song which I thought was kind of funny. All in all a good show, but i dont remember their song titles , I do know they ended with a new song.
Clutch came on and it was anti climactic to their funk intro they have used for yers. Instead of just launching into a song Neil just says hello talks a bit then they bust into Who's been Talking followed by what i think was a bakerton trio blues jam. followed by another Blues jam...Not really the kind of vibe I was expecting from them to start a show. They picked it up a bit by the 4th song and as always sounded great but for that type of show the energy just didn't hit. The next night in Nashville they tore the roof off the damn place. had they pulled out that kind of set and intensity they would have givin' Motorhead a run ion NC.
1. Who's Been talking
2. Jam > another Jam Bakerton group songs?
3. Soapmakers
4. 50,000 Unstoppable Watts
5.Burning Beard
6. Texan Book of the Dead
7. Jam ,could be another Bakerton song
8.Electric worry / One eyed Dollar

Think I am missing a song. I know the first 4 are right. Between 5 and 8 I can't remember what they played. I know there was nothing off of Blast tyrany, Trans, Pure, or B side type albums. No encore either.

Motorhead's set was the same as other night. They played great and Lemmy was funny and into the show as were the rest of the guys. My only complaint about them was the sound was so loud that it felt like it would sheer your head off. I don't mind loud at all, but there is a point in that kind of club where it is so loud you have a hard time hearing anything as it all becomes high gain mud. sadly this happened though out their set. All in all it was a good trip to see some classic bands rip out some great music.
I didn't buy any merch but for those who like to know it seemed like the shirts were in the $40 range. Mostly the classic Motorhead logo on various backgrounds ie the World, Flags, ...Clutch had some Logo shirts from what i could see.

We Are Motörhead
Stay Clean
Get Back In Line
Over the Top
One Night Stand
Rock Out
Guitar Solo
The Thousand Names of God
I Got Mine
I Know How To Die
The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
In the Name of Tragedy
Drum Solo
Just 'Cos You Got the Power
Going to Brazil
Killed by Death
Ace of Spades
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