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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Motorhead - 8/10
Clutch - 9/10
Valient Thor - 8/10
Alright, nothing against Manks and nothing against Clutch, but how did Clutch put on a better show against Lemmy? And how were Motorhead on the same par as Valient Thorr?! When I saw Motorhead at Metal Masters, by neck was hanging by a little thread by the first false end to "Overkill". When I saw Valient Thorr open up for Mastodon, their weird shirtless beardo of a frontman were good enough for maybe a few lulz.

I hear good things about Clutch's live show as a jam act, and on a tour like the Black Label Berzerkus they would be definitive show-stealers, but opening up for Motorhead, they're just sort of warming up the beer-drinking atmosphere at best.

But this is a great tour overall, and I'm pretty damned steamed that this tour isn't coming within any basis for even a driving distance to Pittsburgh. Here's hoping for possibly a second leg. I really want to see Motorhead in a club atmosphere.
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