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Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
Yeah, that was me. Should've come and said hi, I had a bunch of cds on me, including some new stuff! Glad everyone seemed to have a better time than me. My day kinda sucked. Only saw Wormrot, Primate, 3 songs of Nails, and most of Black Breath. Waited in line through Obituary's entire set and half of Morbid Angel's before I gave up on trying to get into Fox. Tried to get back over in time to see some of either Integrity or Anaal Nathrakh, but some dickhead security guard wouldn't let me back in. Said I had shoved my way out through the entrance and knocked a bunch of people over. It wasn't me, I was nowhere near there at the time. Overall I was not impressed with Scion Fest. I enjoyed the few bands I saw, but I can say with certainty that my band will never put a car logo on our record just for a hotel room and a few hundred bucks.
Sounds awful man. But hey, it's not Scion's fault, it was security's. The security they had there were horrible. They wanted to card my girlfriend for a fucking soda! They didn't know how to handle themsleves at this show. The guy working the main entrance by the Glasshouse was a total dick. Fuck him.
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