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Had a really good time at scion rock fest, despite old ladies yelling about walking con el diablo lol and downing a coke right before entering. I think the security guy was pissed because he probably thought there was alcohol in it, but oh well.
I saw:

Wormrot, wasn't really into it cause I was hungry as fuck and I was right by the speakers...
Saw some of Fuck the Facts, after seeing the chick spitting everywhere I couldn't take it any more and went to grub lol.
Got a big ass hannah monatana burger
then saw...

the end of Bonded by Blood...walked in during Feed The Beast, I think.
Death Angel Had a good time seeing these guys, just recently started listening to a lot of their shit.
Municipal Waste
Spent the whole time watching from above, bootleggin, so from what I saw, pretty bad ass performance. Brutal wall of death and a lot of crowd surfing.

Release the kitties!
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