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That was such a great night! That was easily one of the best concerts I've been to.

The Bands I saw were:

I was listening to Wormrot while I was waiting in line for the Glass House and they sounded pretty good. I've never really cared for grindcore that much but they sounded like a band I could listen to.

Christian Mistress (This band was pretty boring overall, but they had some good riffs)

Bonded by Blood (Fun band, I had seen them at the Chain Reaction twice already and it was nice to see them play a longer set)

Atheist (Good set but I haven't really listened to Atheist that much aside from the Unquestionable Presence album. I enjoyed them though)

Immolation (My second favorite band of the night. Seeing Father, You're Not a Father live was one of the best moments I've had at a concert. I really regret not seeing them with Vader last year but this made up for it a little bit. I was banging my head and pumping my fist so hard that I actually hurt my arm at one point. But after cooling down for about a minute or so I was able to get right back to headbanging and fist pumping.)

Obituary (For some reason I've never really been able to get into Obituary that much. I get easily bored with their songs and the production on their earlier albums kind of ruins the songs for me. But they sounded much better live than on their studio albums to me. I enjoyed seeing "Final Thoughts" and "Evil Ways" as those are a couple favorites of mine out of their overall material.)

Morbid Angel (Finally I was able to see one of my favorite Death Metal bands and they did not disappoint. I had been listening to their 2009 set ever since I got the waitlist confirmation email on Monday so I was well prepared for their set since they played every song off of it. I was able to push my way to the front little by little during Obituary so that I was within 2 people of the railing, and that's the closest I've ever been at a big show. I was in front of Dave the whole time. When they opened with Rapture I went insane. Covenant is my favorite album by them so I was glad to see that they played so much from it. Also I got really excited when Dave said they were going to play a few songs off the new album but it turns out he was just joking. Nevermore sounded great though. And I knew the song as I had listened to their 2008 Hellfest performance of it dozens of times. Tim Yeung did a great job filling in for Pete. I've always liked Tim Yeung's work so I was pleased to hear that he would be filling in for Pete while he recovers. The only bad thing about Morbid Angel's set was that they messed up God of Emptiness. That totally ruined the vibe of that song for me, but aside from that I couldn't have asked for anything better from them. They're in my top 5 bands seen along with Slayer, Megadeth, Behemoth and Suffocation)

Now for some random comments about the show:

-It looks like my friend and I really made a mistake going to Juan Pollo instead of checking out the Grill 'Em All truck. We had to go back to his car to put some stuff away and while walking back to the Festival Grounds we decided to duck in to Juan Pollo real quick to grab some food. But after reading the posts here about Grill 'Em All it sounds like we missed out on some quality grub.

-I hate metalheads with long hair that are my height! The guy right in front of me during Morbid Angel had long hair and he was about my height, and he kept swinging his hair right into my face and eyes. Whenever he started headbanging I would have to close my eyes to brace for the impact.

-I was rather unimpressed with the response the bands were getting at the Glass House. I had seen Suffocation there in October last year and the crowd was dead. The turnout was very discouraging. The turnout for this was much better of course. The place was packed, but the crowd still seemed rather unenthusiastic. My friend said the same for Death Angel. I didn't see Municipal Waste and neither did my friend, so maybe the crowd response was better for them. It certainly looks like it was with that Wall of Death video.

-My friend had to wait for me to get out of the Fox Theater as he didn't get in. He wanted to see Death Angel over Obituary and I went to the Fox Theater immediately after Immolation finished because I didn't want to risk not getting in. I originally planned to watch Death Angel for half their set and then duck in for the rest of Obituary but I didn't want to put anything to chance and we had already seen Death Angel at the Chain Reaction recently.
So when Death Angel finished my friend headed over to the Fox Theater and waited in line until 10:40 when they announced they were no longer letting people in. He was thoroughly pissed. But he is not into MA nearly as much as I am.

-The will call line at first looked like it was going to take a very long time but it moved rather quickly for how long it was.

I had such a great time at this show and if they ever bring this festival back to Southern Cali I'll be there. And thanks to treghet for recommending this forum.
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