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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
I think My "show of 2011" may have arrived a little early, still too soon....but a really great way to kick off the new year
Scion Rock Fest 2010 was scheduled within a week of this year's fest in terms of when it falls within the year, and I can tell you that it eventually managed to outshine all other shows I saw last year (in fact, here's my official list). Mind you, this is in a year when I saw High on Fire, Nile, Red Sparowes, Arch Enemy, Watain, Primus, The Sword, Caspian and Triptykon. I'd say that's a pretty damned good show.

Glad you all had a blast. I would have been conflicted as balls regarding the whole Anaal Nathrakh / Morbid Angel thing, but in the end I would've chosen Anaal Nathrakh because Morbid Angel will likely be back around sometime soon touring for the new album, which is definitely going to be released this year sometime from what I've read (finally).

Didn't anybody see Kvelertak, though? They are one of the main reasons I would have wanted to go to this show. Judging by their debut album, I would think they would be a hell of a fun band to see live.
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