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i figured there'd be a lot of people from this board that attended this show based on the lineup, so i decided to stop by this board and write a review.

the main reason i went was for Municipal Waste. i most likely would have went anyways even if they didn't play because it was a free event and it'd be awesome to check out some legendary metal bands. i went to this show with just one of my friends who also came primarily for Municipal Waste. we arrive at the area around 1:30ish. i have been to the glasshouse at least 6x, so it was really cool seeing that whole area blocked off for this metal festival filled with metalheads. it was a bit tiring to wait in the will call line for like an hour and a half, but the wait went by pretty fast actually. after getting our wrist bands we went to get some jack in the box and come back in time to catch some of Wormrot.

after getting back from eating, we watch the first band of the day at tent #1, Wormrot. at first they kind of bored me, but after about 10 minutes i enjoyed them. i have heard of this band many times before and when i checked them out prior to the show i thought they were alright, just not something i'd probably listen to on my own time honestly. but overall i enjoyed their set and they were a great way to kick off the festival.

next band was Fuck the Facts. like Wormrot, i have heard of this band before and i knew they had a chck singer so i wanted to check them out and see what they were all about. it was siuprising to see that voice come out of a chick honestly. i enjoyed their set but not as much as Wormrot. i left after 15 minutes because i wanted to see Bonded By Blood who were just starting.

i have been a fan of Bonded By Blood for maybe 2 years. i've known about this band for awhile since i remember this band playing local shows all the time back in '07/'08 before they got big. i had also just seen them last week with Death Angel in hollywood. but i was still stoked to see them again. when i got in they had already started their first song even though i got there 5 minutes ahead of time. they played great but i miss their old singer, but the new singer still did a good job. there were a few good circle pits going on for their set. i honestly didn't really enjoy their new album, so i was primarily really into their set when they played songs off Feed The Beast. those songs happened to be Immortal Life, Mind Pollution, and Feed The Beast, which they closed with. overall they great and i really enjoyed them.

next up was Athiest. i was interested in seeing them but i wanted some water so my friend and i walked down to street to get some. i had planned on walking in the glasshouse maybe 10minutes into their set but to my suprise their was a huge line and no one was getting in for Athiest. bummer since i wanted to check them out. i never got into Athiest honestly but from what i remember they sounded good.

next band i saw was Immolation. i don't really listen to death metal overall but i was interested in seeing them. overall i thought they were good but not amazing or anything.

next up was Death Angel. i felt bad because i heard a lot of people saying they were gonna go watch Obituary instead. i had just seen Death Angel last week but i decided to watch the first 15minutes of their set, leave and watch at least 20 minutes of Obituary, and come back and see the last 10 or so minutes of Death Angel, and i did just that. Death Angel like last week, were tight live. too bad their crowd wasn't that big at all. i went across the street to the Fox Theater to check out Obituary and that venue was pretty packed. i had never been to that venue actually but it's a theater very similar looking to the Avalon, Wiltern, and the Music Box for those in the LA area. the main pit floor for Obituary was packed to the fullest and they weren't letting anyone else in. Obituary sounded very tight live and the crowd on the floor were very into it. the pits were looking pretty intense. like i said before, i don't really listen to death metal, tried it many times for a few years but it never works out, but this band slayed live. i wish i could have watched them more but i only watched them for about 20 minutes because i wanted to be inside the glasshouse and wait for Municipal Waste so i could guarantee my spot inside the venue and not get lucked out with a big line with no one getting in like what happened with Athiest. so i came back and watched the rest of Death Angel and they were awesome.

after a 20 or so minute wait was the reason i came to this fest: Municipal Waste. the first and only time i have seen them was with At The Gates back in 2008 but not much people were into them. i have been wanting to see them again after getting into them, but i wasn't into them THAT much back then, plus i never had anyone to go with, but for the past year i have been listening to them a lot and have been really wanting to see them again. funny thing now is that A LOT of my friends like Municipal Waste after showing them before and they didn't like them. anyways, the Waste got on stage and fucking thrashed. they were a grip of fun. lots of a circle pits, a wall of death, lots of singing along, etc. i think a smaller venue would be a better fit for them, but they still slayed.

after seeing the Waste i was very satisfied with this entire day. my plan was to check out Morbid Angel afterwards and catch the last 45 minutes of them but i'm sure that was everyone's plan who watched the Waste. the line was veery long for them and they weren't letting anyone else in the venue because of over capacity. i'm not bummed about not seeing them since i don't listen to them, but it still would have been a treat to see the death metal legends.

i saw the singer of Municipal Waste after their set hanging out so i talked to him for a bit. he was a really cool dude and was really thankful that a lot of people watched them instead of Morbid Angel because he was saying he was worried everyone would be at Morbid Angel and that their crowd was gonna be empty lol. after talking to him for a bit i checked out Anaal Nathrakh. to be honest i really didn't like their studio work from checking them out before, but they really brought it live. everyone in the front was very into it. i only watched them for 20 minutes because i was very exhausted and i wanted to go home and sleep.

anyways this show was a blast. i saw and talked to rjturtle a few times, talked to andrewmetalhead at the end of the show, and saw some other metalhead friends i see at shows every now and then. and even though i wouldn't listen to most of these bands on my own time, all of them brought it with their live show. Obituary impressed me the most besides Municipal Waste.

if anyone saw me i was the somewhat dark-skinned guy with the spiked hair, cut sleeved black/red/yellow children of bodom tour shirt from 2008, black shorts, and most people would say i'm a bit muscular too. maybe i should've came on this board before the festival and said what i was wearing so some people could say what's up but oh well anyways this show was a blast and very much a memorable day. the only bummer was not seeing Athiest but i'm not too bummed about that.
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