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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
Hey andrew, did you ever get to talk to Mark from Death Angel? He was pretty much roaming around Scion rock fest all day and night. I went up to him during the day time and told him how great they were at chain reaction in Anahiem. He shook my hand, said how flattered he was and how it meant a lot to him for me coming out and showing up for the show and ect

I assume you got to have your 15 minutes of fame with him as well. I mean its impossible if you didn't, he was LITERALLY roaming all around scion rock fest like any of the other fans, just walking around
Yeah yeah I said hello to him during the afternoon .. and after their set I was hanging out with them for a long time. Talked to Ted, and did a quick interview with Rob. Their camera guy was filming them on and off stage, I'm guessing for a documentary or something, and he filmed my interview too! I'm pretty much obsessed with DA, and enjoyed every minute of their performance. I'm seeing them again in Ventura on April 22nd.
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