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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
I remember him saying that as well AND I remember him saying "We're gonna take you back to our very first record, this is INTERNAL BLEEDDDIINNNngah", as for when this was? I wanna say this was 3-4 songs before "Slowly We Rot". If there is one thing that I remember about Obituarys set, it was hearing "Internal Bleeding" because I kept screaming for them to play "Godly beings" or just anything off the first record and this was around the same exact time they decided to go into "Internal Bleeding". Also, how did you and your buddy end up on the balcony for Obituary? It sounds like we both went to see Obituary at the same time but ended with different outcomes, I ended up getting into the main floor level while you had to go to the balcony level?
I think I might have got it mixed up with "Contrast the Dead" somehow. Because I'm listening to it now, and I don't think they played it. Does that sound that right? That's about where you said it was played, too.

EDIT: And I just scrolled through the news section on Obituary's site and they said for the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise "We are bustn' out some old classics that we have [not] played in a while for this show, so this is going to be awesome!" So it seems a lot more likely that they decided to play "Internal Bleeding", since they probably played it on the cruise.
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