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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
I just realized you're missing a song. "Internal Bleeding". I don't remember which number it was, but they definitely played "Internal Bleeding"
Are you sure? Because I put all the songs in my phone as they were playing them. Also, "Internal Bleeding" hasn't been on their recent setlists that I looked at, so I don't think they did it last night. However, the Chopped in Half / Turned Inside Out medley seems about right. I will go edit that.

And I just listened to "Slow Death" and I specifically remember the part with John playing the floor tom, so I'll remove the question mark from that too.

Oh and I wasn't first in line for Wormrot. I was kind of far back. But maybe you saw me on the side or in the pit when they were playing. I'm pretty small, with short black hair. I was wearing a Death Leprosy shirt.

Originally Posted by vegantopher View Post
I didn't eat at Grill em All. I don't even think I can eat anything at Grill em All. Most of those roach coaches are not vegan friendly. Too bad they don't have anything for me
I heard from someone that they had a veggie burger!
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